I am…

based in Hamburg, where I work as a creative & art director. My abilities evolved as my skills improved and my career went in different directions and different places like, Sydney, Berlin, London, Toronto, Vancouver and back to Hamburg. From the very beginning, I liked working on visual concepts and stories by directing and leading teams at production studios.

education ›

I started studying fine arts at the Aki Academy of Art&Design in Enschede, The Netherlands, but lacked visual problem solving at that time. So, I left and continued my studies at the Münster School of Design in Münster, Germany, where I received my diploma in graphic design. The university is well known for its crossdisciplinary areas of studies: graphic designers learn product design as well as photography and mixed media.

my tools are

cinema 4D, redshift, octane, x-particle, marvelous designer, resolve, substance painter, adobe products

I love using design to solve problems. Like highlighting the product for a client through composition and graphic shapes. Or making a striking, artsy magazine that maintains its readability and personality by using the right font. Or just by finding solutions for technical problems and creating smooth animations to develop an impressive commercial.


studios and companies I collaborated with

zeitguised / foam studio / man vs machine / future deluxe / c a t k / tendril / microsoft / oddfellows / giant ant / sehsucht / puk / bold / the marmalade / woodblock / sixty40 / infected /congaz / moodley / deli creative collective / mutabor ...