ROLE design, 3d & animation (planet & city) YEAR 2012

Clariant, one of the world‘s leading companies within special chemicals, was entering 2012 with a whole new image. So they needed a new brand movie to go with it. Their motto: „What is precious to you?“ Now we had to come up with a spot that shows a smooth transition of all those new brand elements of Clariant like costumer focus, environmental awareness and sustainability. As you see, it‘s pretty technical. And we needed to make something complex feel really easy. Giving abstract words a practical touch, we designed some tangible objects, that you simply can‘t keep your hands off. For instance, we used the blue globe as an interactive, future-oriented map to pinpoint Clariant‘s involvement in an emission-free car industry.



CLIENT Clariant Ag AGENCY Mutabor CREATIVE DIRECTOR Alexander Hanowski ART DIRECTOR Antje Adamovsky DIRECTOR Ole Peters, Julius Brockelmann FILM PRODUCTION Tony Petersen Film, Hamburg

POST-PRODUCTION Sehsucht, Hamburg PRODUCER Christiane Muehlstegen 3D ARTISTS Maurice Panisch, Vitaly Grossmann, Heinrich Löwe, Fabian Schaper 2D ARTISTS Beatrice Wellenbrock, Christian Heyde, Sebastian Spitze COMPOSETING Yacoob Essack, Florian Zachau MUSIC/SOUNDDESIGN Supreme Music, Hamburg VOICE OVER Alan Orpin

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