Aleph »Messa«

ROLE animation & composeting YEAR 2012

Julia alias Chichirik is a TV project manager and an animation maniac. Together with her I developed the concept for the music video Messa (AMoll) of the Siberian Indie DJ Aleph. While Julia created each drawing from scratch, I did the grading for the video and merged all elements through a set of graphic animations. Check out how we brought the wave breakers alive and how we created a hypnotic beach scene that totally matches DJ Aleph‘s trippy chorus music.



CLIENT King Deluxe Records, Official video for Aleph 'Messa (A-Moll)'

DIRECTION Chichirik, Vitaly Grossmann DRAWINGS/ANIMATION Chichirik MOTION GRAPHICS/ANIMATION Vitaly Grossmann GRADING Vitaly Grossmann CAMERA Nikolai von Sallwitz

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