Panasonic »Eluga«

ROLE design YEAR 2012

To help Panasonic release their first fully waterproof smart phone Eluga we created a spot that puts the new feature front-row, showing the product from its super plashy side. To build a strong link between the mobile‘s new abilities and its luxurious yet young design, we combined some graceful dancers with strong moves and elegantly splashing waters. So, yep, this spot most probably makes you wanna swing your hips. But wait - this phone is not only meant for dancers! It‘s meant for veryone who needs an elegant, waterproof mobile device.



CLIENT Panasonic Marketing Europe HEAD OF COMMUNICATION EUROPE Merlin Wulf AGENCY EXECUTIVE CREATIVE DIRECTOR Arno Lindemann, Bernhard Lukas CREATIVE DIRECTOR Markus Kremer, Thomas Heyen CREATIVE TEAM Victor Aloji, Erick Barrios ACCOUNT DIRECTOR Sarah Haddad ACCOUNT MANAGER Anika Zocholl PLANNING DIRECTOR Achim Rietze PRODUCTION Markenfilm GmbH & Co. KG, Wedel MANAGING PARTNER Florian Beisert PRODUCER Oliver Schertlein DIRECTOR Ole Peters DOP Ekkehart Pollack SFX SUPERVISOR Andreas Kleinmann

POST PRODUCTION Sehsucht/Überdosis GmbH, Hamburg VFX SUPERVISOR Florian Zachau VISUAL CONCEPT Ole Peters, Stephan Wever VISUAL CONCEPT ART Anja von Harsdorf LEAD DESIGN Adrian Lawrence DESIGNER Vitaly Grossmann, Thomas Schindler 3D ARTISTS Timo von Wittken, Maurice Panisch, Fabian Schaper COMPOSETING Florian Zachau, Daniel Brylka, Markus Gratl PRODUCER Selina Schmitt

STORYBOARD ARTIST Malte Romainczyk COLORIST Bernie Greiner EDITOR Felix Drawe, Christoph Senn MUSIC Damien Damien, Hamburg VOICE OVER Infected Postproduction GmbH, Hamburg

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